You get it dirty, we’ll get it clean

Stony Plain Dry Cleaners and Grove Fashion Cleaners are family owned and operated businesses which have been serving your community for over 55 years. However, the heart of our business resides in our experienced staff whose dedication to the quality of our product is proven with our outstanding service. Our companies offer complete dry-cleaning services for all fabrics and textures at competitive prices. We guarantee that you will notice the care our staff puts into each garment in order for you, our valued customer, to look your best.

In the Community

Throughout the years, Stony Plain Dry Cleaners and Grove Fashion Cleaners have shown our commitment to our community by supporting local sports teams and organizations. We try our best to lend a hand in our society through donations towards charities and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to support our fast-growing community through our great service and customer loyalty.

Stony Plain Dry Cleaners has given us exceptional service and quality cleaning over the past 6 years.
-R. Rice